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  • Nude Skin Make Up Powder

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    【CLUB Nude Skin Make Up Powder 26g】

    Nowadays, natural nude makeup is the trend. After makeup, it looks just like no makeup at all. However, most of the females lack self-confidence in their makeup free appearance. The new CLUB's Nude Skin Make Up Powder can help you! Added hyaluronic acid and collagen ingredients in the product, helps evening skin tone, fining the pores, moisturizing, repairing the skin and taking care of the skin care effect at the same time, whether to use after shower, to use on top of base makeup for holding a more lasting makeup or only to use during travel, it is also applicable, convenient and practical! The bursts of rose scent make people feel more energetic and full of vitality!

    Product Feature:
    ● Emphasizes to increase skin's clarity and smoothness. Makeup does not need to be removed and cleaned before sleep. Applicable after showering and during sleep.
    ● Hyaluronic acid and collagen contained in the ingredients provide long-lasting moisturizing to the skin. The powder is fine and smooth without causing a burden to the skin.
    ● Fresh floral scent and the adorable package cheer people up immediately!

    How to use:
    After the basic skin care procedure (after using toner and lotion) or after the base makeup, take an appropriate amount of powder with the attached puff, gently press on the face and sweep evenly on the entire face.

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