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  • Porcelana White Smoothing Eye Complex 15ml

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    【Eleanor Porcelana White Smoothing Eye Complex 15ml】

    Its mooths, stimulates and firms the skin around eyes. Porcelana White series enhance brightening of the skin in effect.

    Product Features:
    ● It refines the eye skin textures mildly, relieves tightening and revitalizes skin elasticity effectively.
    ● Formulated with ergosine, glycosyl trehalose and squalane, its delicate texture can provide anti-oxidation protection and leave skin feel moisture for a long time.
    ● It contains vitamin C derivatives and plant complex that boosts skin luster and enhances skin tone. It directly brightens the eye area.

    ● Vitamin C derivatives, plant complexes: brighten the eye area ● Ergot sulfur, vitamin E: anti-oxidation protection ● Squalane: moisturizing, anti-oxidation ● Sugar-based trehalose: moisturizing

    How To Use:
    After basic skincare step, take a proper amount of eye cream and apply evenly around eye zone.