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SUISSE PROGRAMME Advanced Cellular Revitalizing Toner 200ml

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Suisse Programme Advanced Cellular Revitalizing Toner (200ml)
“Advanced Cellular” collection is the grand upgraded version of the Suisse Programme signature product series—“Cellular”, contain the new generation of exclusive patented Biodynamic Cellular Complex
(BCC +), formulated with five factors: Nerve fiber Regenerator, Collagen Boosting Plant Peptides, Water Reservoir, Skin Surface Perfector and Cell Energy Booster, which effectively accelerate cell metabolism, improve oxygenation capacity of 1.7 times, and recharge the skin cells with a significant hydrating effect, skin becomes moist and plump, full of youthful vitality!

Advanced Cellular Revitalizing Toner provides cleansing, activating and moisturizing function at once to balance the skin's pH value, nourish and soothe skin, wipe away the fragile signs and restore healthy skin.

Product Features:
 Mild nature, suitable for face and eye skin, will not cause irritation.
 Contains millet grass, aloe, calendula extract and other ingredients to moisturize, soothe and nourish the skin.
 Very fresh texture, delicate to apply, quickly absorbed by skin. Restores the skin natural luminosity, make it looks brighter and revitalized once after used.

 The new generation of Biodynamic Cellular Complex (BCC +): High-energy oxygen injection, high-tech compact, high-efficient moisturizing.  Millet grass, aloe, calendula extract: Moisturize, soothe & calm the skin.

How To Use:
After cleaning process every morning and evening, apply a proper amount onto cotton pad and apply to eyes, face and neck.