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  • Blue Sapphire Illuminating Bio-Cellulose Mask 5piece

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    Sasatinnie Blue Sapphire Illuminating Bio-Cellulose Mask (25ml x 5pcs)

    The mask contains Sapphire Powder, Niacimide and White Flower Complex with excellent brightening effect. Skin emerges looking rejuvenated, bright and translucent like a blue sapphire.

    Product Features:
    ● For all skin type, especially recommended to uneven and dull skin.
    ● It leaves skin health and vitality, keeping it looking younger with adding Glutathione.
    ● Bio-cellulose mask derived from fermented coconut juice seamlessly and comfortably adheres to your face like second skin. More effective penetration the active ingredients to your skin.

    Ingredients :
    ● Sapphire Powder & Niacimide: brightening
    ● Glutathione: detox and anti-oxidizing
    ● White Flower Complex: anti-oxidizing and improve dark spots

    How to ue:
    After cleansing and toning, fit the mask on face for 15-20mins. Remove mask and wash away the remaining essence with warm water.