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  • Edelweiss Hydrating Toner 200ml

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    【Méthode SWISS Edelweiss Hydrating Toner 200ml】

    EDELWEISS HYDRATING TONER not only contains edelweiss but also within Jasmine and lily flower extract that can calm skin and supply the skin for enough water in effect. In this way, the skin will achieve a stable status.

    Product Features:
    ● With three kinds of flower extracts, they can relieve the pressure of the skin and wake up the skin.
    ● Its thin and moist texture brings you a comfortable skincare experience.
    ● Multiple moisturizing effects remarkably relieve skin dryness and moisten skin.

    ● Edelweiss: Provide anti-oxidance and refine the skin. ● Jasmine and lily flower extract: Well keep moisture and calm skin. ● Plant Peptide: Skin firmness.

    How To Use:
    After cleaning step, apply a proper amount of toner to the face and neck and then continue daily care step.