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  • Medicated Toner the Time Reset Aqua Essence

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    【IPSA Medicated Toner the Time Reset Aqua Essence】

    Incorporates with the artificial moisture layer, Aqua Presenter III, Peony Essence, Vitamin E and C for strengthening, moisturizing, balancing, oil-controlling and antioxidant. It keeps the skin feeling resilient and rich in moisture.

    Product Features:
    ● Replenishes moisture and prevents moisture evaporation.
    ● Prevents oily and acne problems.
    ● Refreshing texture.

    ● Aqua Presenter III: moisturizing. ● Peony extract: oil-controlling. ● Vitamin E & C: antioxidant. ● Tranexamic acid, Glycyrrhizinate: improve skin roughness.

    How To Use
    After cleansing, apply appropriate amount of this product on face. Gently pat and massage into skin until it is completely absorbed.