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  • DEVDO Human Placenta BioCell Replication + Dual Stem Cell White Toning Serum Treatment 30piece

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    DEVDO®Human Placenta BioCell Replication + Dual Stem Cell White Toning Serum Treatment 30piece

    Each tube contains 3 major advanced ingredients: The latest HPBRT™ from Germany, PhytoCellTec™ stem cells and native vegetal cells of oceanic crista. The essence triggers the self-repairing capability of basal cells in skin and helps fighting free radicials, oxidation and saccharification. It is also added with various active whitening ingredients from plants (amla extract — Merck’s patented whitening ingredient, organic daisy extract, nenuphar extract, mushroom glucan and rosemary extract, etc). The product is proven by duo clinical tests to be effective when being used consecutively for 4 weeks: it brightens and whitens skin, helps fighting stubborn dark spots and potential deposition of pigment, refines uneven complexion, removes yellowish skin tone, improves dullness, fades acne marks, and minimizes pores. It also restores the natural translucency and white colour of skin while refining skin texture.
    Major Effects
    ◎Provides obvious whitening effect
    ◎Helps fighting stubborn dark spots and potential deposition of pigment
    ◎Evens complexion and removes yellowish skin tone
    ◎Refines dull complexion
    ◎Fades acne marks
    ◎Minimizes pores
    ◎Restores translucency of youthful skin

    High-Tech. Ingredients: HPBRT™ (Human Placenta Biocell Replica Extract) The product is developed by a biotechnology research institute in Germany. Scientists of the institute have conducted intensive study on skin of Asian women which inspired the scientific research of human placenta, leading to the successful development of HPBRT™ (Human Placenta Biocell Replica Extract), a patented constituent which has 100% replicated the most effective nutrients in human placenta (including various cell growing factors and other elements: such as minerals, enzymes, nucleic acid, vitamins, carbohydrates, peptides, proteins etc). Advanced technology has been used to separate and analyze the elementary structure of human placenta, allowing the complete replication of these nutrients which offer equal beauty effects without the risk originated from pollution and ethical concern. HPBRT™ improves skin texture in various ways. Apart from providing anti-oxidation effects, it improves the radiance of complexion, suppresses melanin, replenishes moisture, fades post-acne marks, minimizes pores, smoothes out wrinkles, firms skin, relieves allergy, repairs epidermal basal cells and provides deep cleansing. An ingredient suitable for all skin types, HPBRT™ will improve the translucency, whiteness, youthfulness, smoothness and elasticity of your skin.

    How To Use:
    Use every day in the morning and in the evening. Clean your face before use. Take 1 tube of the whitening essence and drip all the content (1 ml) onto your palm. Massage from centre of face to both sides in circular motion until absorbed (avoid contact with eyes).