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  • Black Label Supreme Youth Renewal Sheet Mask 5piece

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    【Cyber Colors Black Label Supreme Youth Renewal Sheet Mask 5piece】

    Each piece of mask contains 40ml of supreme youth renewal essence, with the advantage of using Japanese Bemliese™ natural cotton to form the mask sheet, essence can be penetrated into skin deeply and rapidly.

    Black Label Supreme Youth Renewal Sheet Mask is effective for wrinkle treatment, and improves elasticity of the skin. Skin restores its resilience and natural beauty from within.

    Product Features:
    ● Anti-wrinkle
    ● Enhance elasticity of the skin
    ● Whitening
    ● Moisturizing
    ● Repairing

    ● Ginseng Extract: Provides extraordinary nutrients for skin, concealing your real age ● Angelica Extract: Promote blood circulation and moist the skin ● Vitamin B3: Whitening ● Adenosine: Anti-wrinkle

    How To Use:
    After completing the cleaning step, put on the mask. Wait around 10 to 20 minutes then remove the mask, massage gently for better absorption of essence.