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AVANCE Joli Et Creamy Eyeliner 1pcs

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Avance Joli Et Creamy Eyeliner (1pc)

2mm fine and smooth rounded tip allows beginner to pick up easily without making mistakes! Creamy texture is water- and sweat-resistant to avoid blurring, keeping eye line clean!

Product Features :
• 2mm fine and smooth rounded tip easily draws eye lines and shadow. Beginners also easily manage to create layered makeup.
• Creamy texture with natural botanical oil draws beautiful eye line in silkily smooth sensation, adding charm and charisma to eyes.
• Water-and sweat-resistant doesn’t blur easily, keeping makeup clean.

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• Natural Botanical Oil : Smoothing eye makeup

How to use:
~1mm long tip draws inner and outer eye line to personal preference, use fingertips to smudge within 30s after drawing to act as eye shadow