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  • Cleansing Oil & Washing Powder Set 2pcs

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    Fancl Cleansing Oil & Washing Powder Set (2PCS)

    Containing the bestselling cleansing products of the brand, they both cleanses skin thoroughly, revealing healthy and resilient glow.

    The set contains:

    MCO Mild Cleansing Oil (120ml)
    Formulated with Nano Cleansing Technology, this cleansing oil penetrates deep down to skin and removes dirt and impurities completely with extra nourishment.

    Product Features:
    • Thorough cleansing: it helps to remove dirt and impurities completely and leaves pores clean and soothed.
    • Nourishing: adding water to emulsify, this cleansing oil would not tighten skin after cleansing.
    • Gentle formula: free from mineral oils, preservatives, fragrance, artificial coloring etc., this cleansing oil is friendly to fragile and sensitive skin.

    Deep Clear Washing Powder (30PCS)
    Black charcoal foam penetrates deep down to skin for removing dirt and impurities completely with care and nourishment.

    Product Features:
    • Deep cleansing: formulated with charcoal powder and protease, this cleansing powder removes excessive oil and impurities, preventing the formation acne and blackheads.
    • Nourishing: amino acid and hyaluronic acid are helpful in replenishing skin with moisture and nutrients, promoting the effects of the subsequent skincare.
    • Dense and delicate foam: it forms lather swiftly. The cushion-like foam is gentle and protecting skin during cleansing.

    MCO Mild Cleansing Oil
    • Jojoba Oil, Rosehip Oil: nourishing and preventing water loss

    Deep Clear Washing Powder
    • Charcoal, Protease: deep cleansing
    • Hyaluronic Acid, Amino Acid: nourishing