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  • Eye Make Up Remover 100ml

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    ELEANOR Eye Make Up Remover (100 ml)

    With the gentle cleansing moisturizing formula, the skin around eyes feels extra clean and nurtured, even the waterproof eye makeup can be removed by only a touch, easy and quick. It keeps moisture well and skin feels refreshing and moisturized.

    Product Features:
    • Gentle cleansing moisturizing formula: Gentle nature, will not irritate the thin skin of lips and eye. It provides the eye area with enough water.
    • Only a touch: Even heavy and sturdy makeup, gently touch, waterproof eye makeup will be easily removed.
    • Convenient and practical: A bottle can completely remove the eye makeup.

    • Potassium glycyrrhizinate: anti-inflammatory • Trehalose and betaine: well keep moisture

    How to use:
    Shake before use, take some makeup remover with the cotton pad, put the cotton pad on the eye, gently press for 10 seconds to let the eye makeup dissolve, repeat the action until the eye makeup is completely removed.