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  • Ointment 25g

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    【LUCAS PAPAW Lucas’ Papaw Ointment 25g】

    The ingredients of Lucas Papaw Ointment are all natural. The main one is the papaw, with only very light papaw odour and no extra fragrance. It can alleviate the allergy and kill bacteria, making it suitable for all age group. It is very popular since 1 jar can help you improve many skin problems, for examples:

    ● Insect stings and mosquito bites
    ● Dry and cracked skin of hands and feet, Nappy rash and cracked nipples
    ● Pimples, Splinters and Thorns
    ● Chafing, Scalds, Sunburn, Cuts and Swelling associated with injury
    ● Gravel rash and Heat rash, Tinea and Whitlow
    ● Temporary relief of the symptoms of dermatitis and eczema, and temporary relief of the discomfort of hemorrhoids by local application

    ● Wins the “Travelers’ Choice Award”Organised by Trip Advisor in 2014 and 2015
    ● 2011 Australian Beauty Award

    The base used meets the purity and safety standards of the United States FDA and the European Pharmacopeia. Penreco USP grade Petrolatums are not mutagenic or toxic to reproduction. Every delivery we receive is certified to confirm its safety and quality. Monitor of manufacturing process. The manufacturing process is in complete compliance with the Code of Good Manufacturing Practice as administered by the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA). The ointment is free from impurities*.
    *The above information is extracted from the official website of “Lucas’ Papaw Remedies”

    ● Papaw from Queensland, Australia: Helps alleviation and sterilization.
    ● Vaseline Wax: Provides deep hydration for skin; helps wound recovery.
    ● Balsam pear plastic from Peru: Helps skin regeneration.

    How To Use:
    Use the handy triangle on top of the lid to screw off the plastic seal.
    Please dispose of the seal thoughtfully.
    Apply appropriate amount to the affected area. Use when necessary.