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  • Honey Slim Brush 1pc

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    Vess Honey Slim Brush (1PC)

    The brush added with honey and royal jelly helps to restore hair nutrients. With soft and elastic teeth material, give you shiny and smooth hair.

    Products Features:
    • Micro Capsule Technology: spreading honey and royal jelly into the teeth which replenishes hair and makes it softer and smoother.
    • Designed with two-tiers of soft-flex teeth: the brush glides through hair to avoid hair breakage. The outer hard teeth leave enough space to detangle knots.
    • Elastic soft material with two-tiers comb: it takes care of various parts of the hair and comfortable to use.
    • Foldable design: the ideal size for throwing in your handbag and perfect shape to hold

    Ingredients :
    • Honey, Royal Jelly: restore hair nutrients