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  • Extra Nourishing Precious Oil shower (Jasmine) 560ml

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    Cottage Extra Nourishing Precious Oil shower (Jasmine)(560ml)

    Cottage Extra Nourishing Precious Oil shower is specifically formulated for dry and sensitive skin, contains 98% ingredients of natural origin and is enriched with Jasmine Oil. This shower oil cleanses even the most delicate skins without harshness and without leaving an oily film. Skin is clean, comfortable and moisturized, brings you the most enjoyable bathing experience!

    Product Features:
    • Precious Jasmine Oil:In Tunisia, where oil and beauty are inseparable, women prefer Jasmine oil for its hydrating and softening benefits, these explain why it was picked as a core ingredient of the oil shower, to nourish and moist your skin.
    • Formulated for dry, sensitive skin:It is Paraben-free, neutral pH for skin, and tested under dermatological supervision.
    • Delighted fragrance:A fresh and captivating note to celebrate the exceptional Jasmine with a hypnotic fragrance that symbolizes beauty, gives you a good mood all day long.

    Ingredients :
    • Jasmine oil: Hydrating and softening.

    How to use:
    Used in shower. Add warm water and form lather. Massage all over your body and rinse with water.