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ORGANIC NATURE Calcium Formula 90Tablets

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Organic Nature Calcium Formula (90 Tablets)

Calcium is the most important and abundant mineral in the body. Apart from maintain bone and teeth health, it can also influence nerve conduction, cell signaling, intellectual development and cardiovascular health. Modern diet is always unbalanced. Therefore, it is necessary to take Calcium Formula to replenish the loss of Calcium.

Product Features:
• Strengthening bones and teeth: This formula helps maintaining optimal bone density, prevent calcium loss, protect and keep healthy teeth and gum.
• Maintaining strong heart and muscle: Calcium helps in blood clotting and muscle contraction. It also assists to maintain healthy heart and muscles. We must maintain blood calcium at an appropriate level; otherwise, the calcium in the bones will be extracted into the bloodstream and affect bone health.
• Essential nutrients for development: Infancy and adolescence need adequate intake of calcium to grow tall and strong. Even during pregnancy, calcium supplement should be taken to provide adequate nutrients for the growth of fetal bone. Aging can accelerate the loss of calcium and reduce bone density.

• Calcium Citrate: promoting healthy teeth and bones