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  • Trinity Anti-static & Collagen Brush 1pc

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    Vess Trinity Anti-static & Collagen Brush (1PC)

    The brush with the technology of anti-static and soft teeth helps to nourish hair with marine collagen. Keeping your hair moisture rich and with a glowing healthy look.

    Products Features:
    • Micro Capsule Technology: spreading marine collagen into the teeth which replenishes hair and makes it softer and smoother.
    • Anti-static technology: remove static electricity from hair. Stainless steel fiber absorbs the static electricity from hair.
    • Multi-row teeth and natural curved design: comb hair in layers and avoid hair breakage.
    • Elastic soft material with fan-shaped teeth: easy to take care of various parts of the hair and comfortable to use. Slender and lightweight handle is comfortable to hold.

    Ingredients :
    • Marine Collagen: restore hair nutrients and nourish hair