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NEOGENCE Mandelic Acid 18% Serum 30ml

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Neogence Mandelic Acid 18% Serum (30ml)

The mild formula of CalmYangTM contains natural plant extract double acid that can eradicate old cutin and smooth the rough skin texture for smooth and supple skin.

Product features:
• Revolutionary natural plant extract double acid: 18% mandelic acid, damascene rose nectar acid - helps eradicate old cutin with the soothing function.
• CalmYangTM multi-natural herbal formula, gentle repair, soothes discomfort and stabilizes skin condition for better skin texture.
• Fresh texture is comfortable to use for a translucent and delicate skin, leaving skin tender and smooth.

• 18% mandelic acid, damascene rose nectar acid: eradicating old cutin with the soothing function

How to use:
Apply an appropriate amount on your palms and blend from the t-zone to the outside until fully absorbed. Then, start your follow-up skin care routine.