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TOO COOL FOR SCHOOL Artclass By Rodin Finish Setting Pact 4g

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Too Cool For School Artclass By Rodin Finish Setting Pact (4g)

Concealing pores with blurring effect! Rich in mica, sebum absorbing ingredients and micro powder to superior sebum control and conceal pores, makeup appears natural and soft.

Product Features:
• Brightening : The inclusion of mica naturally brightens skin with a blurring effect, giving skin a glossy luster.
• Sebum Control : Sebum absorbing ingredients absorb excessive oil to effortlessly keeping makeup fresh and fitting
• Lightweight : Misty and delicate powder is smooth and fits onto skin. The light-as-air texture conceals blemishes and pores, keeping makeup lightweight.

• Mica : Brightening
• Sebum Absorbing Ingredients :Absorbing excessive oil

How to use:
Step 1: Take a small amount of powder in circular motion for multiple times
Step 2: Press multiple times onto T-zone
Step 3: Lightly apply onto entire face at 90 degrees