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JMSOLUTION Natural Lingzhi Mask 10pcs

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JMsolution Natural Lingzhi Mask (35ml×10pcs)

Enriched with precious essence, JOR herbal complex, nourishing ingredients and various amino acids, JMSOLUTION Natural Lingzhi Mask can moisturize and repair skin, leaving skin smooth, tender and plump!

Product features:
Contains precious essence and JOR herbal complex that can soothe and repair effectively, improving skin vitality and moisturizing power. Strengthening skin barrier and stabilizing skin state.
Enriched with nourishing ingredients and various amino acids, it can hydrate skin and replenish moisture for delicate and hydrated complexion.
The mask cloth with good ductility tightly fits on skin and contains a lot of gel essence while helping the nutrient penetrate into skin.

Precious essence, JOR herbal complex: soothing, repairing and enhancing vitality of skin
5 nourishing ingredients: intensive hydration