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Clarins Multi-Active Revitalising Treatment Essence 200ML

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Clarins Multi-Active Revitalising Treatment Essence (200ml)

Signature RED2 + H.A2 complex formula targets young skin to deeply nourish and hydrate. Lines are smoothed while skin appears plumped and brightened, revealing glow! Clear texture nourishes in one wipe!

Product Features :
• Energising : Signature RED2 formula containing red algae and precious botanical extract smooths and firms skin, boosting energy.
• Hydrating : H.A2 formula superiorly replenishes moisture with short-and long-chain hydrating ingredient, forming a protective film over skin surface.
• Balancing : The addition of wild teasel extract, bridal wreath extracts balances skin condition and repairs skin, enhancing skin quality. Watery texture is light and non-greasy for speedy absorption, refreshing skin.

• RED2 Formula:Boosting energy
• H.A2 Formula:Hydrating
• Wild Teasel Extract, Bridal Wreath Extracts:Balancing and enhancing skin quality

How to use:
After cleansing, soak cotton pad with toner and wipe on face and neck gently, avoid eye area.

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