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ROM&ND Better Than Finish

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Rom&nd Better Than Finish (12g)

Ultra-fine powder does not cake and loose, effectively absorb excessive oil, softneingmakeup with one wipe to create refreshing appearance.

Product Features :
• Ultra-fine powder does not cake and loose, effectively concealling blemishes and refining pores. Its smooth and fitting finish brings natural softening effect to reveal fresh and and translucent look.
• Lightweight powder easily absorb excessive oil, increasing makeup setting and maintaining lasting and fitting makeup.
• Set comes with brush and puff. Soft bristles effortlessly create misty makeup and sift puff gently removes sebum, keeping skin refresh.

How to use:
Step 1: Pick up a small amount numerous times in circular motion with a brush
Step 2: Press onto T-zone multiple times to control sebum and set makeup
Step 3: Brush gently to cover entire face at 90 degrees

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