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  • L'OCCITANE Rose Hand Cream 150ml

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    L'Occitane Rose Hand Cream (150ml)

    Protect hands with rich floral scent. Delicately developed botanical extract ingredient nourishes hands to tackle dryness, leaving a lingering fragrance around your fingers. Enriched with rose essence to soothe tense muscles, the deliciously fragrance after absorption is instantly loved on smelling.

    Product Features:
    • Smoothing : Rose essence facilitates smoothing and firmin, revealing soft and smooth skin.
    • Nourishing : Lightweight texture is easily absorbed for deep nourishment, caring for nails and edges.
    • Fragrant : The soft and fresh rose scent enables a pleasant mood.

    Ingredients :
    • Rose Essence : Smoothing and firming

    How to use:
    After cleaning hands or anytime. Take a small amount on palm and massage from fingertips to wrist gently to absorb. Apply repeatedly if needed.