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  • SUPERFOOD LAB Super Hot Fat Burn 30pcs

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    Superfood Lab Super Hot Fat Burn (3g X30)

    Keto-friendly, this supplement with duo effects to block and burn fat and carbohydrate. With boosting fat-burning energy, it helps to shape slim and curvy body effortlessly.

    Product Features:
    • Duo effects: with the functions of blocking and burning fat and carbohydrate, this supplement helps to activate heating ability to transform energy from fat.
    • Effective ingredients: with super fiber PHGG, it forms a barrier to block fat and help with digestion. In addition of green coffee beans and raspberry ketones, this supplement helps to burn fat and firm body.
    • Easy consumption: with individual packaging, it is tasteless and easy to add into any drinks. It is especially suitable for people who often sit and with water retention.

    • PHGG: blocking carbohydrate consumption
    • Green Coffee Beans: helping to reduce absorption
    • raspberry ketones: activating fat-burning

    How to use:
    Consume 5-10 minutes after meals for 2-3 times a day.