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Clarins Bright Plus Milky Essence 200ML

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Clarins Bright Plus Milky Essence (200ml)

Brightening and hydrating your skin with one bottle! With Clarins brand ingredients and skin care technology, this essence can improve dull skin and even skin tone, rejuvenating your skin with radiance!

Product features:
• With Clarins brand ingredients, including acerola fruit, apricot tree, sea lily and AA2G3, it can make skin more elastic and tightening, making a supple and radiant complexion.
• Enriched with acerola fruit and apricot tree, it helps hydrate skin with antioxidant action, creating a more youthful skin. Infused with sea lily and AA2G3, it improves skin layer by layer, making skin radiant and translucent.
• Infused with moisturizing plant ingredients, it helps nourish intensively for a more delicate and smooth skin with skin-friendly milky texture.

• Extracts of Acerola Fruit and Apricot tree: encouraging good skin oxygenation, visibly boosting radiance and evening skin tone
• Organic Sea Lily extracts and AA2G3: evening and brightening skin tone
• Moisturizing plant ingredients: intensive nourishing skin

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