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  • INNISFREE Green Tea Lip Balm 3.5g

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    Innisfree Green Tea Lip Balm (3.5g)

    A single wipe on lips reveals natural glow. 6 natural ingredients including beeswax, sunflower seed wax and other botanical extracts, lip balm moisturises and softens lips lines, and improves lips colour for a bouncy and vitalised look.

    Product Features :
    • Repairing : Enriched with green tea extract to fight dryness, lips are vitalised with softened lip lines, moistened and glowing rosy colour.
    • Moisturising : Rich botanical extract including meadowfoam seed oil, sunflower seed wax and more deeply moisturises and repairs stratum corneum, forming a protective film over lips to provide lasting moisture.
    • Pleasing : Natural delicious smell pampers lips and mood at the same time, encircled by a chill and pleasant atmosphere.

    • Green Tea Extract:Moistutising : improving lips lines • Botanical Extract:Repairing and Moisturising

    How to use:
    Apply evenly on centre of lips directly and gently spread outwards.