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LA ESTEPHE Royal Beelift Age Profect Luxe-Gel 120ml

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La Estephe Royal Beelift Age Profect Luxe-Gel (120ml)

Gathering Beelift ingredients, this luxe gel is prominent in cleansing skin while providing nutrients to skin for soft and smooth skin texture.

Product Features:
• Boost elasticity and youthfulness: Bee Lift Complex is composed of royal jelly, honey and bee venom peptide, activating the power to support and lifting skin, leaving skin more youthful.
• Nourishing: in addition, with nourishing ingredients, including royal jelly and hydrolyzed royal jelly collagen, it helps to boost skin resilience for a youthful and healthy complexion.
• Skin-friendly: it is free from alcohol, soap base and paraben. It is suitable for skin, especially for aging skin.

• Bee Lift Complex: promoting collagen production and skin elasticity
• Lamesoft•: softening skin texture