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  • NEUTROGENA Rapid Wrinkle Repair® Night Moisturizer 29ml

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    Neutrogena Rapid Wrinkle Repair® Night Moisturizer (29ml)

    Anti-ageing night cream filled with retinol enhances power in reducing fine lines, firming skin and aiding collagen generation with triple complex formula, evoking youthful bouncy skin.

    Product Features:
    • Anti-ageing: Doubled amount of retinol facilitates collagen generation, fights oxidation and reduces sign of ageing for bouncy skin!
    • Smoothing: Hydrolizedmyrtus communis leaf extract combines with retinol to reduce wrinkles and smoothen skin.
    • Moisturizing: Hydrating ingredient mediates the effects of retinol, reducing discomfort and gently moisturizing.

    • Double Retinol: Softening wrinkles and firming
    • Hydrolizedmyrtus Communis Leaf Extract: Reducing wrinkles, tightening pores
    • Hydrating Ingredient: Replenishing moisture