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Bandai Surprise Egg Disney Princess 1 PCS

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Bandai Surprise Egg - Disney Princess (1PC)

To make bathing more joyful, this bath bomb is made with bath salt, adding color to hot bath water along with fresh scent. A toy will float up once the bath bomb is dissolved to create an interesting bath experience.

Product Features:
• Color-changing: this bath bomb will fizz and dissolve upon placing in prepared bath water. Water color will also change accordingly.
• Emerging Toy: When the bath bomb is dissolved, a small toy will emerge from the bomb, reviving back childhood memory.
• Nourishing: The addition of moisturizing ingredient nourishes and hydrates skin, leaving your skin moist without dryness and tightness. Its fruity scent brings a pleasant mood.

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• Moisturizing Ingredient: Nourishing and hydrating

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