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Snp Bird'S Nest Moisturizing Eye Patch 60PCS

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SNP Bird's Nest Moisturizing Eye Patch (1.25g x 60PCS)

Eye patch nourishes and brightens eye skin, reduces wrinkles, creating plumped, vitalized and glowing eyes to embrace every new day!

Product Features:
• Nourishing: Each pack contains 12000ppm Swiftlet nest extract to facilitate collagen generation, soften wrinkles and firm skin, improving dryness around eyes with plumpness.
• Moisturizing: Multiple botanical extracts including rosa centifolia flower water, various leaves plus hydrating ingredients lock in moisture lastingly, refining and smoothing eye skin.
• Instant Absorption: Hydrogel eye patch fits firmly on skin, channeling nutrients deep into skin with cooling and comfortable feeling. Free from preservatives, colorings, silicone oil, it is skin-friendly.

• Bird's Nest Extract: Soften wrinkles, firm skin. • Rosa Centifolia Flower Water, Precious Leaves Extracts, Hydrating Ingredients: Maintain moisture, smooth eye skin.

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