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  • Caviar Lifting Serum (Eco-Friendly Boxless Edition) 7ml

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    Suisse Programme Caviar Lifting Serum (Eco-Friendly Boxless Edition) (7ml)

    This smooth serum glides on skin effortlessly to deliver powerful action. This formula is enhanced with double caviar essence and lifting factors that promote collagen synthesis. Lifting and firming instantly, it reduced fine lines and wrinkles.

    Product Features:
    • Caviar extract and BCC: caviar extract instantly restores moisture, radiance and firmness. Skin is revitalized and lifted. Exclusive Biodynamic Cellular Complex (BCC®) profoundly reactivates skin-regenerating process and boosts skin’s metabolism.
    • Restoring skin: an optimum combination of vitamins and trace elements invigorate dull skin and energize every skin cell. Firmness and suppleness are restored for flawless beauty.

    • Caviar Extract: revitalizing and lifting skin
    • Biodynamic Cellular Complex (BCC): bringing oxygen to deep skin level