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  • 2X VC Whitening & Spots Dissolve Serum (Plus 11% Nicotinamide) 30ml

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    Dr. BSC 2X VC Whitening & Spots Dissolve Serum (Plus 11% Nicotinamide) (30ml)

    Double action with AA2G and 11% of nicotinamide, this serum is helpful in preventing oxidation and brightening skin. From time to time, dark spots and age spots are improved for a dewy and translucent complexion.

    Product Features:
    • Brightening: formulated with Nicotinamide and AA2G, formation of melanin and dark spots are reduced, which is helpful in blurring acne scars and age spots, as well as relieving uneven skin tone.
    • Soothing: glabridin is an effective agent to promote brightening effect and help soothing skin. Skin is also boosted with resilience.
    • Refreshing texture: it is lightweight and fast-absorbing, transmitting essence to skin fast for toning and brightening skin.

    • Nicotinamide: skin brightening
    • AA2G: protecting skin against harmful UV and boosting collagen formation
    • Glabridin: soothing and promoting skin resilience