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  • Glow Tea Box 2pcs

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    Teaology Glow Tea Box (2PCS)

    This set of cream and toner is made with anti-oxidant tea extracts, leaving skin dewy and translucent.

    The set contains:

    Peach Tea Hydra Cream (50ml)
    With tea and peach extracts, this cream is nourishing and skin-brightening, leaving skin youthful and resilient.

    Product Features:
    • Anti-oxidation: formulated with oolong tea extract and peach extract, this cream helps to protect skin against external stimuli, promoting a youthful and wrinkle-free complexion.
    • Skin-strengthening: with nourishing plant extract and probiotics, skin is nourished and strengthened.
    • Gentle formula: the vegan formula is gentle and scented with delicate tea notes, which is soothing and relaxing.

    Tea Glow Exfoliating Lotion (50ml)
    Formulated with green tea and nourishing ingredients, skin is smoothened and brightened with this toner.

    Product Features:
    • Nourishing: formulated with green tea and other plant extracts, skin is nourished and revealing a balanced skin complexion.
    • Skin purifying: with acids ingredients, old dull skin cells are removed, leaving pores minimized and skin smoothened. With glycerin and nicotinamide, skin appears to be dewy and translucent.
    • Thoughtful design: this dust-free design is beautiful and use-friendly.

    Ingredients :
    Peach Tea Hydra Cream
    • Oolong Tea Extract: anti-oxidant
    • Peach Extract: anti-aging
    • Probiotic Ingredients: skin strengthening

    Tea Glow Exfoliating Lotion
    • Green Tea: anti-oxidant
    • BHA: removing old dull skin cells
    • Nicotinamide: skin brightening