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SNP Gold Collagen Firming Eye Patch 60pcs

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SNP Gold Collagen Firming Eye Patch (60pcs)

Nourishing and brightening eye patch reduces fine lines, replenishing water to eye area to embrace every day with energy!

Product Features :
• Anti-oxidizing : Each patch contains 3ppm gold foil with anti-oxidizing property to brighten eye area, improving dullness and vitalizing. Each patch contains 11900ppm hydrolyzed collagen to assist collagen generation, softening fine lines and firming. Sagging and dryness around eye area are improved.
• Hydrating : Multiple botanical extracts including grapefruit, tea and adenosine provide lasting hydration and refine skin around eyes.
• Skin- friendly : Using collagen hydrogel as material, nutrients penetrate deep into skin to soothe and cool skin. Preservative, colouring and siliconeoil-free formula ensures safety with a peace of mind.

• Gold Foil: Anti-oxidising and brightening
• Hydrolyzed Collagen : Smoothing and firming
• Grapefruit Extract, Tea Extract, Adenosine : Lasting hydration and smoothing

How to use:
After cleansing and skincare routine, use the included spatula to apply eye patch on desired area, remove after 20-40mins.

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