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  • Wafood Made Matcha Face Pack 170g

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    PDC Wafood Made Matcha Face Pack (170g)

    Enriched with the stone-ground Uji Matcha powder and beauty essence, this mask cleanses pores thoroughly and freshens up skin for a dewy and translucent complexion.

    Product Features:
    • Anti-oxidation: enriched with Uji matcha, which is rich in vitamins, catechin and tannin, this mask helps protecting skin against oxidation and promoting radiant skin.
    • Nourishing: the blend of beauty essence such as sugar cane, licorice, coix seed and fermented beans, helps to nourish and revitalize skin for a dewy complexion.
    • Pore care mask: this rinse-off mask helps to remove impurities from pores, leaving skin refreshed and soothed.

    • Matcha: anti-oxidant and promoting radiance
    • Sugar Cane Extract, Licorice Extract, Coix Seed Extract, Fermented Soybean Extract: nourishing and brightening