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  • DHC Perfect Vegetables Premium 240Capsules

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    DHC Perfect Vegetables Premium (240 Capsules)

    Formulated with 32 vegetable grown in Japan, this supplement helps to replenish nutrients and fibre, promoting digestive health and better skin.

    Product Features:
    • 32 vegetable powder: this supplement is rich in minerals and nutrients, helping to promote digestive health and better skin condition.
    • Promoting digestive health: it contains vegetable yeast, which is helpful in improving skin condition, detoxification and relieving constipation.
    • Suitable group: it is suitable for people who are on a diet, taking little vegetable t and dining out often.

    • Vegetable Powder: replenishing body with nutrients
    • Yeast Fermented Powder: promoting digestion

    How to use:
    Consume 4 capsules a day.