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  • POLA B.A Tablet 180 Tablets

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    Pola B.A Tablet (180 Tablets)

    Activating the beauty power! Formulated with the skin-revitalizing factors, this tablet is rich in Versican and Ch-A Extract to protect skin against glycation, promoting dewy and translucent skin from within.

    Product Features:
    ● Improving skin from within: containing Ch-A Extract, which is rich in walnut polyphenols, regular consumption of tablets helps promoting skin texture and elasticity.
    ● Firming skin: the versican is useful is boosting skin metabolism and maintaining skin elasticity.
    ● Anti-glycation: POLA’s life science research Centre has devoted in investigating how to restrict glycation, which is the cause of skin damages and dullness.

    ● Versican: maintaining skin elasticity
    ● Ch-A Extract: promoting skin beauty from within

    How to use:
    Consume two tablets daily. Swallowing with water without chewing them.