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  • Prep - Vitaronic SOS Ampoule 7piece

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    SNP Prep - Vitaronic SOS Ampoule (1.5ml X7)

    Green citrus power! Recharging skin with brightness and glow! With just a week, skin is nourished with care and moisture, becoming vital and lively.

    Product Features:
    • Highly nourishing: there are 3 sizes of hyaluronic acids in the ampoule, penetrating to different layers of skin. In addition of vitamin B5, skin is nourished and becoming supple.
    • Brightening and anti-wrinkle: enriched with vita-complex, which is composed with citrus, camu camu and hippophae, skin dullness is improved, becoming radiant and dewy.
    • Intensive care: 7-day treatment with this rich but non-greasy texture, helping to penetrate deep to shine and glow.

    Ingredients:• Hyaluronic acid: nourishing
    • Vitamin C: brightening
    • Vita-Complex: revitalizing skin