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  • Youth Preserve Eye Serum Set 11pcs

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    La Estephe Youth Preserve Eye Serum Set (11PCS)

    No more fatigue eyes! A set containing eye serum and eye masks made of exclusive ingredients such as snow algae and Turritopsis Nutricula, promoting resilience of skin effectively.

    The set contains:
    Youth Preserve Revitalizing Eye Serum (15ml)
    Its anti-wrinkle ability is prominent, especially in reducing fine lines and crow’s feet, leaving skin resilient and youthful.

    Product Features:
    • Enhancing skin resilience: enriched with snow algae, a plant grown in extreme environment, its resilience ability helps skin to gain strengths and fight against external stimuli.
    • Firming and anti-wrinkle: formulated with oligopeptide, which boosts the production of collagens and hyaluronic acids, leaving skin firm and free from wrinkles.
    • Lightweight texture: enriched with Alpine Glacier Water, the texture is lightweight and fast-absorbing, helping to retain moisture under skin, leaving it supple and moist.

    Turritopsis Nutricula Revital Essence Transparent Mask Series (8g X10)
    The secret of the deep sea creatures has been investigated by the brand for its extraordinary resilience and revitalization. Enriched with the exclusive Turritopsis Nutricula extract, skin restores to its optimal condition.

    Product Features:
    • Skin renewal: enriched with various amino acids, in addition of the resilient Turritopsis Nutricula extract, skin barrier is strengthened to fight against the signs of ageing and fatigue.
    • Nourishing: the honey helps brightening and nourishing skin, while the hyaluronic acid forms a moisture veil on skin to prevent water loss and promote skin elasticity.
    • Firm application: the butterfly-shaped mask is made of skin-friendly plant fiber, which is thin but contains essence effectively, allowing firm and penetrating application.

    Ingredients:Youth Preserve Revitalizing Eye Serum
    • Snow Algae: anti-ageing and revitalizing
    • Oligopeptide: promoting the production of collagen and hyaluronic acid
    • Alpine Glacier Water: rich in minerals to soothe and repair skin

    Turritopsis Nutricula Revital Essence Transparent Mask Series
    • Turritopsis Nutricula Extract: anti-ageing, revitalizing skin and repairing skin
    • Honey Extract: nourishing and brightening
    • Hyaluronic Acid: deep hydrating