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  • PLANTUR 39
  • Colour Brown Phyto-Caffeine 250ml

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    【PLANTUR 39 Colour Brown Phyto-Caffeine 250ml】

    Prevent hair loss: The Colour Brown Shampoo from Plantur 39 contains a phyto-caffeine complex. This penetrates into the hair roots with each wash, providing them with sufficient growth energy to prevent hair loss.

    Concealing grey hair without redying: The Colour Brown Shampoo from Plantur 39 helps to conceal annoying grey hairs and light roots to tide you over until your next visit to the hairdresser. The hair will be toned with strong colour pigments that are deposited on the hair. This colour effect becomes more intense every time you wash your hair.

    Product Feature :

    ● For a deeper brown and greater colour brilliance with every wash
    ● Conceals The emerging roots and grey hairs
    ● - with phyto-caffeine complex
    ● Prevents and reduces hair loss

    How To Use:
    Leave the shampoo in for 2 to 5 minutes depending on the colour intensity. Then rinse out.