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  • Hydration Cream Mask 100ml

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    【Ahava Hydration Cream Mask 100ml】

    Best seller! Whenever the skin needs an active hydration boost, apply this creamy textured mask enriched with the best of Deadsea minerals, Deadsea mud, Shea butter and a fine selection of powerful hydrating agents for a quick 3 minutes. The skin instantly restores moisture and is left with smooth, plump and supple skin.

    Product Features:
    ● The combination of Osmoter™ & Dead Sea mineral mud that keeps moisture well.
    ● Featuring shea butter, aloe vera leaf extract & leaf juice and anti-oxidant vitamin E, this sleeping mask provides maximum hydration to make skin look revitalized.
    ● Apply around 2 minutes as a moisturizing mask before makeup. Or you can use as sleeping mask to maintain hydration during night period.

    ● Osmoter™ ● Shea butter, aloe vera leaf extract & leaf juice and vitamin E