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  • B.A Eye Zone Cream 26g

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    Pola B.A Eye Zone Cream (26g)

    Creating youthful eyes with the powerful cream! The Eye Core Forming Theory aims at strengthening the structure on eye areas, leaving skin elastic and firm.

    Product Features:
    • Firming: enriched with CF extract and Proteoglycan, skin is firmed and lifted up, leaving skin on eye contour free from wrinkles and lines.
    • Moisturizing: the penetrating formula plumps in moisture to cells, creating supple and soft complexion.
    • Rich and nourishing texture: the fast-absorbing extract is easy to glide over skin to reveal the firming power of the cream.

    • CF Extract: nourishing and tightening
    • Proteoglycan: maintaining skin elasticity
    • Golden LP: nourishing