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  • Green Tea Sleeping Mask 80ml

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    【Innisfree Green Tea Sleeping Mask 80ml】

    Antioxidant-infused sleeping mask, made with Jeju green tea seeds, deeply hydrate skin and create a strong moisture barrier to keep skin moisturized throughout the night. With the minerals and amino acids, its smooth texture helps give comfortable nourishment to dry skin.

    Product Features:
    ● High Moisturizing: Jeju's green tea and cotton seed oil with Dual Moisture-Rising Technology, rich in amino acids and minerals, moisture skin instantly. Remove wrinkles that caused by dryness.
    ● Healthy Skin: With the help of the antioxidants naturally present in green tea, this rich moisturizing sleeping pact keeps skin healthy and young with natural radiant.
    ● Brighten Skin: Infused with 16 amino acids, it provides dullness complexion that caused by oxidants.

    ● Jeju Fresh Green Tea Water 2.0™: Deep moisturizing and brightening. ● 16 amino acids: Deep hydration and soothing dryness.

    How To Use:
    Use at the last step of your night routine, gently apply onto face before go to bed. Then wash the face in the next morning.