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CYBER COLORS Prime Fix 70ml

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【Cyber Colors Prime Fix 70ml】

Create delicate and light make up finish, a lightweight 2 phase mist serum with 80% water & 20% essential oil features a finely-tuned pump design dispensing each formulation in a fine mist!

Product Features:
● The citrus scent is pleasant, the texture is moist and thin, it does not stick and absorbs quickly.
● Adding 2 phase mist serum with 80% Jeju water & 20% essential oil to quickly replenish skin and greatly reduce water evaporation.
● Jeju water is very rare, its carbon dioxide can be absorbed by the skin, allowing microvessels to dilate and promote blood circulation.
● Can also be used after makeup, so that the makeup remains long-lasting and bright.

● Jeju Water: Dilates Microvessels and promotes blood circulation ● Nut oil: Moisturizing and repairing

How To Use:
It can be used at the last step of skin care or after makeup. When the skin feels dry, it can be used at any time.