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  • Special Gel Cream 90g

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    【AquaLabel (Best Before 09/2021) Special Gel Cream 90g】

    Japanese popular gel cream! Deep moisturizing with five effects, including toner, lotion, essence, cream, mask effects, add nourish to quickly quench your skin thirst, effectively improve sensitivity and dryness!

    Product Features:
    ● Adding high-concentration collagen GL to deeply penetrate into the stratum corneum to improve firming and elasticity.
    ● Adding double hyaluronic acid, which has strong water retention, keeps skin moisturized and tender, and forms a "3D moisturizing net" on the surface of the skin to lock in moisturizing maintenance ingredients!
    ● Light floral fragrance, easy to absorb in skin, let you have a good mood.

    How to use:
    After cleansing & lotion, take a proper amount apply on face.