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  • The Ordinary “Buffet” (30ml)

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    The Ordinary “Buffet” (30ml)

    Share this skincare buffet! The new concept of skincare that contains various advance technologies to unlock skin’s youth potential.

    Product Features:
    ● With alcohol-free formula, it reinforces the skin’s natural defenses and maintains skin in a balance state.
    ● With prefect formula, 11 ami-no acids and various hyaluron-ic acid complexes can achieve the best skin tone and provide anti-oxidation protection.
    ● Its lightweight texture provides instant hydration to skin and absorbs excess oil.

    Ingredients :
    ● Amino acids and hyaluronic acid complexes: Well keep moisture.

    How to use :
    It is better to apply after cleaning the face in A.M. and P.M.