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  • Bird'S Nest Water Sleeping Pack 20piece

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    【SNP Bird'S Nest Water Sleeping Pack 20piece】

    S.O.S sleeping pack, repairing the tired skin all night! Independent packaging, convenient and hygienic, contains precious silk bird's nest essence, deep moisturizing the skin; with light chamomile aroma, help you to relax, and get sweet dreams.

    Product Features:
    ● The mask forms a moisturizing film on the surface of the skin, which prevents the moisture lose and provides the nutrients into the bottom layer of the skin.
    ● Bird's Nest extract, glycerin and trehalose help repair and smooth out rough skin while providing deep moisture and balancing water–oil within skin.
    ● The independent packaging is more hygienic and convenient. The jelly texture can be quickly absorbed and does not stick to the pillow, giving you a comfortable feeling.

    ● Bird's nest extract: Contains sialic acid, vitamin C, E, revitalizes the skin.
    ● Glycerin, trehalose: Moisturizing, soften skin

    How To Use:
    After completing the basic skin care routine in the evening, tear one bag and spread the sleeping mask evenly on whole face(avoid the eye and lip position). Massage gently to promote absorption before going to bed. Wake up to rinse with water the next day.