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  • BN Double Eyetape Regular 220pcs

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    BN Double Eyetape Regular (220 pcs)

    This double eyelid tape is easy-to-use, lightweight, breathable and sticky that creates bright and big eyes for you. With a storage box and a small stick, the tools are perfect to use.

    Product features:
    • User friendly: All tools, including tapes, a stick, can be stored in the storage box provided. Easy to carry. Half fold design is convenient to use.
    • Natural: Lightweight and breathable tape helps create a foundation for bright and charming eye makeup. It is non-reflective that it can be used whether you put makeup on.
    • Sticky: It is transparent and invisible, and it fits closely with skin. It is easy to apply on makeup and not easy to fall off.
    • Length: 25mm

    How to use:
    Application: Step1: Wipe your eye area after cleaning with toner.
    Step2: Locate your upper lash line.
    Step3: Stick above the upper lash line.
    Step4: Press lightly with the attached stick.

    Step1: Take an appropriate amount of eye makeup remover on a cotton pad and gently cover the eye area for about 1 minute.
    Step2: Gently massage the eyelids with a cotton pad in circular motions to loosen the double eyelid tapes.
    Step3: Rub the loose double eyelid towards the end of the eye with cotton pad.