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  • Everyday Hand Cream (Thinking of The Lily) 50ml

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    【Swiss Rituel Everyday hand Cream 50ml】

    This hand cream effectively moisturizes and repairs the hands, significantly enhances the hydrating level to soothe dryness and reduce dry lines. After using, the hands feel smooth and firm with fresh Lily scent.

    Product Features:
    ● It provides deep and long-lasting moisture to the skin, makes your hands moisturized and soft.
    ● It helps to nourish and reduce the fine lines, leaving your hands smooth and soft.
    ● The texture is light and non-greasy, can be easily absorbed by the skin. With floral scent, it helps to relax your mood and add enjoyment to your hand care.

    ● Nourishing ingredients: Moisturizing, smoothing skin.

    How To Use:
    Apply day and night as needed. Make sure hands are clean before applying. Apply a small drop to the back of one hand. Using the back of your other hand (not the palm), rub in the cream gel until it is completely absorbed into the backs and knuckles of both hands.