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  • Edelweiss Essence Mist 120ml

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    【Méthode SWISS Edelweiss Essence Mist 120ml】

    Skincare spa begins from Edelweiss Collection that was developed with different extracts of natural resources in Switzerland, including Edelweiss Essence and spring water, to give you an stunning skincare experience as if exposure to the zero-polluting plateau, surrounding by fresh, pure environment and take a deep breath.

    Product Features:
    • The refresh texture can be quickly absorbed into the skin, plumps in moisture and nutrients, achieves deeply moisturizing effect and enhances skin elasticity.
    • White edelweiss ,as the main ingredient, is rich in tannic acid and flavonoids, provides excellent antioxidant effect, and helps to enhances skin collagen; combined with Aromatherapy Essential Oil and Damascus Rose Water and other active ingredients, bring superior moisturizing and calming skin effect, help you to restore young and delicate skin!
    • Formulated with Lavender Aromatherapy Essential Oil and Damascus Rose Water, it releases the charming flora scent that makes you feel comfortable.

    • Edelweiss essence: Anti-oxidation, protecting skin.
    • Lavender Aromatherapy Essential Oil: Soothing, calming
    • Swiss spring water: Soothing, moisturizing
    • Damascus Rose Water: Moisturizing, lock in moisture

    How To Use:
    It can be used at any time, just close your eyes and the distance is about 20-30 cm. Spray the product evenly on face.