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  • Pink Magic Lip Balm, Strawberry 1.7g

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    【Mistine Pink Magic Lip Balm, Strawberry 1.7g】

    MISTINE Pink Magic Lip Balm will slowly change from transparent to delicate pink color based on the pH of the lips, giving you a pleasant surprise, making your lips full and moist, and maintaining the vivid colors throughout the day! Its texture is smooth and easy to apply. you could slightly apply to achieve the glossy, moist make up finish and smoothing out the lip lines, or adjusting the color shades due to the number of times and duration of application. It is both fun and beautiful!

    Product Features:
    ● Moisturizing: Adding vitamin E to moisturize the lips, avoid dryness and cracking, and keep the lips supple and smooth.
    ● Exclusive color shade: It changes color depending on the pH value of each person's lips. It is not oily or sticky, perfectly blends with the lips and creates a glossy finish that is exclusively for you.
    ● A touch of strawberry scent: Releases the sweet strawberry fragrance and gives you a good mood.

    * We make reasonable efforts to accurately display the colors of the products. However, the actual color you see will depend on your computer system and monitor (or screen), and we cannot guarantee that your computer monitor will accurately display such colors.

    ● Vitamin E: Moisturizing, antioxidant.
    ● Macadamia seed oil, aloe Vera: Moisturizing, nourishing

    How To Use:
    Apply directly to the lips, can be re-apply to achieve the desired color.